Holidays in the South of France

About Our Area

Big skies and a varied landscape mean it is possible to go in a different direction each day and explore a different kind of countryside. Agricultural plains with quiet lanes and views of distant hills; vineyards all the way to the Mediterranean, the tranquillity of the Canal du Midi or the breathtaking mountains of the Pyrenees and Andorra.

Listen to the hum of the cicadas, see the endless variety of  birds, or maybe even catch a glimpse of a wild boar! We even have hoopoes in the garden every year. The beaches of the Mediterranean, just over an hour away, are edged by wetlands where you can see flamingos and waterfowl.

Life here is slow and relaxed. Surrounding towns and villages provide a backdrop of colourful weekly markets and annual fetes which permit the visitor to enjoy a way of life rooted in tradition where old skills and local stories still have a place.

Restaurants abound in the nearby towns, many specialising in the local cuisine, and many offer dining ‘al fresco’ during the hot summer months.

The area has a colourful and sometimes dark past and there are reminders all over the region. The remains of Cathar strongholds reflect this dark side. From the cave paintings at Niaux to the world heritage site of Carcassonne itself, from villages that date back to the middle ages and beyond, to the high tech aerospace industry at Toulouse, this area has plenty to amaze and enjoy.